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Our Menagement Team

Dr. Mahfooz Ali
Bambo Bull Mentor

Dr. Mahfooz Ali’s name and fame have, however, traveled outside the country and he is a well-known figure among the academicians and the literary society. Dr. Ali started his career as a Lecturer and a freelance journalist and he also has rich experience in working with W.H.O, and then turned himself into an Entrepreneur and promoter of English Channel under the patronage of Evolutionz Children India Foundation. He has conferred many International Research papers and presented his own research papers in all IIM’s international conferences and seminars. Dr. Mahfooz Ali is also an international poet, writer and motivational speaker conferring lecture in many countries and is mastered in soft skills and English communication. His many poems and write-ups are being taught in Wisconsin University, Madison State, U.S.A., and in the schools of Germany, Philippines and Indonesia, and published on T-shirts, Mugs and cards.